Volunteers are needed for graphic and web design of two websites

Two websites are under construction: mirroruniverse.org and openarxiv.org. We need volunteers who are experienced in graphic and web design to join the team for building these two websites. Feel free to contact me at <wtan AT nd.edu> if you are interested or have further questions.

The website of mirroruniverse.org will be a more formal web portal (in contrast to this blog site) collecting information related to the new mirror matter theory for both experts and general public. It would provide an introduction, history, FAQ, essays, publications, and other documents regarding this new physics framework, including topics on both theoretical development and experimental test. In particular, new progress will be reported, related news and events will be updated, and we will also maintain an updated collection of web links from other relevant sources and studies on this topic. If possible, a discussion forum will be implemented for interested parties.

The website of openarxiv.org will provide a prototype of a new open platform as an eprint archive with a community-based credit/role system. It’ll start with the field of physics. But the platform could/will be extended to include the whole community on scientific research for all scientists and researchers. The open eprint archive will be equipped with review/comment/rating functions under a self-sustained credit/role incentive system for all members. More details on the principles are discussed in the article “A Robust Community-Based Credit System to Enhance Peer Review in Scientific Research“.

Author: Wanpeng Tan

I share my ideas and thoughts mainly about mirror matter theory and open science on this blog. Under the new theory, we live in the universe with a mirror (hidden) sector of particles. A perfectly imperfect (minimally broken) mirror symmetry is the key to unlock the beauty and elegance of our universe. Click on the menu links for a popular introduction, a technical summary, and list of my papers on the new mirror matter theory.