30th anniversary get-together party for class of 1989 of Peking University

Today the get-together party is held in Beijing for the undergraduates of Peking University who got admitted 30 years ago. Class of 1989 in China means the students entering college in 1989 while the year is referred to the graduation year in US. I guess the reason is that it is much more difficult to get admitted to than to graduate from college in China, especially a good one and in the old days. So it is quite an achievement and warrants the use of the entering year for the class. It is the opposite in US.

I am in the same class although not celebrating together with them today. My best wishes to the whole class from overseas. I spent five years, part of the best years of my life, with these brilliant young people. I cherish every moment of those years. I can not help reminiscing about old times while watching the photos and videos my classmates have shared.

Here is the link of the song for the 30th anniversary “Hu Bu Gui” made and sung by two of our classmates:

[胡不归]  北大89级同学30年聚会   作词:王芳    作曲:刘森、袁剑松   演唱:袁剑松

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A battle to publish my mirror-matter papers

Over the course of half a year since the birth of my mirror-matter model (MMM or M3), it’s been quite a battle to get any of my M3 related papers to be published on major journals. Here I put together some of the comments from the editors and reviewers to get a glimpse of how “friendly” esteemed scientists are when facing new ideas proposed under a relatively unknown name.

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