Invisible decays and equivalence of CP violation and mirror symmetry breaking scales

COVID-19 pandemic has hindered my scientific production quite a bit. But finally my new paper on “invisible decays of neutral hadrons” is finished though it should have been done months ago. It provides precise predictions on invisible decay branching fractions of long-lived neutral hadrons that can be readily measured at existing collider facilities. The idea is that CP violation can be considered as a direct result of spontaneous mirror symmetry breaking at staged quark condensation (e.g., at temperatures of 100GeV – 100 MeV in the early Universe). For a neutral kaon system, it means that the CP and mirror breaking scales, i.e., the mixing strength and mass splitting parameters should be the same.

Very fortunately, the CP violation parameters have already been well measured with \(\Delta=3.484(6)\times 10^{-6}\) eV and \(\sin\theta = 2.228(11)\times 10^{-3}\). The CP-mirror equivalence principle then leads to fairly precise predictions of unexpectedly large branching fractions of invisible decays (\(9.9\times 10^{-6}\), \(1.8\times 10^{-6}\), \(4.4\times 10^{-7}\), and \(3.6\times 10^{-8}\)) for \(K^0_L\), \(K^0_S\), \(\Lambda^0\), and \(\Xi^0\), respectively. Hopefully some of these will be measured at current or planned facilities around the world.

I tried to submit this paper to arXiv but it seems to be blocked again. The HEP moderator group have denied three of my papers in a row. I suspect that they must have put me on a black list and I may not be able to post any more in the HEP category at arXiv. I can always post my future works to OSF and viXra but I won’t reach as wide an audience.

Author: Wanpeng Tan

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