New paper on first principles

I just tried to post my new paper of “First Principles of Consistent Physics” on Unfortunately it was put on hold immediately and I then submitted it to the OSF eprint server. This is quite an exciting paper to me. It proposes new foundations and guiding principles on fundamental physics and cosmology based and improved upon my early blog “first principles of physics“. It should shed new light on further developments of the new mirror framework.

Accidentally, I found that did something really bizarre to my earlier papers posted on their server. They actually moved all of them out of the hep-ph category and put them in the gen-ph (i.e., general physics) category where I submitted the new paper. They removed other cross links as well making gen-ph the only category left. They did all these even for the two papers published in esteemed HEP journals (PRD and PLB). Clearly the hep-ph moderators dislike my papers so much, I guess, if allowed for announced and posted papers in their policies, they could’ve removed my papers from their server all together. What a disappointment!

Anyway, here is the abstract: For a consistent picture of fundamental physics and cosmology, three first principles are proposed as the foundations. That is, quantum variational principle that provides the formalism, consistent observation principle that set physical constraints and symmetries, and spacetime inflation principle that determines physical contents (particle fields and interactions). Under these three principles, a series of supersymmetric mirror models are constructed to study various phases of the universe at different spacetime dimensions and the dynamics between the phases. In particular, mirror symmetry, as the orientation symmetry of the underlying geometry, plays a critical role in the new framework.

Author: Wanpeng Tan

I share my ideas and thoughts mainly about mirror matter theory and open science on this blog. Under the new theory, we live in the universe with a mirror (hidden) sector of particles. A perfectly imperfect (minimally broken) mirror symmetry is the key to unlock the beauty and elegance of our universe. Click on the menu links for a popular introduction, a technical summary, and list of my papers on the new mirror matter theory.